Brouse Gentle Chiropractic

Overview of the Brouse Gentle Chiropractic

 I have been practicing chiropractic since March 15, 1999  and the result of treating thousands of patients, and training with the very top in the profession, I created the Brouse Gentle Chiropractic Technique that has been helping thousands of patients.    I  combined several of the top techniques in the profession and simplified them which has given us an unbelievable track record.  When the patient follows through with care, my success rate is too high to publish.  In fact, I usually can count on one hand each year the number of patients that do not respond to care.

Arthrostim Low Force Adjusting Instrument

This instrument is FDA cleared and a proven instrument in the profession.   It delivers 12 impulses a second which is in rhythm with your nervous system and I can vary the impulse from a few ounces per impulse to several pounds of force per impulse.    This is the primary instrument I use in my technique and can be used throughout the correction process for those patients who do not wish to be adjusted manually.

The idealogey behind the BPC Method simplified

When a vertebrae begins to move wrong, scar tissue is formed and generally the joints become stuck from the scar tissue.  In time that scar tissue can even calcify leading to what is called osteoarthritis.  I use hundreds of impulses with the Arthrostim to get the vertebrae moving into the right direction again to take pressure off your nervous system to get your body to take over in the healing process again.  Once the vertebrae has loosened up, I will start using some gentle manual techniques to fine tune the correction and the spine.

Vibration Corrective Traction

In many cases where the spine has been distorted for a long time the ligaments have been shorted and this gentle stretching of the spine into it's natural curves help correct the spine.

Vibration Postural Rehabiltation

In many cases this method works so fast that the muscle can't keep up so we have the patient perform exercises on a vibration plate to help their muslces learn faster to hold the spine in a better position.  Basically to help you hold your adjustment longer.

Brushing Your Spine

I give most patients some simple postural exercises and/or some simple at home traction to help combat their daily activities and reduce the amount of maintenance care they need to keep feeling their best.