I was unable to walk without a cane because of the pain down my right leg and foot.  Now I no longer use a cane, I can sleep and even my balance is better because of the Arthrostim treatments.  The treatment is gentle and relaxing.  I had almost immediate results with the treatment.

Rose A Himes, Altoona

I had lower back pain and pain in my leg.  The Arthrostim treatments feel like a pulsation and are gentle.  The thing I like best is that there is no twisting and turning of my back or neck.

Eric Bumgardner, Williamsburg

I had pain in my back, legs, feet, neck and just couldn’t stand the pain. I was almost free of pain after one treatment.   The Arthrostim treatments are gentle and really relaxing.

Mary Zeak, Hollidaysburg

I lost the mobility of my left leg at times and suffered with lower back pain along with sciatica and weakness of my left leg.  When I began the Arthrostim treatments, I noticed an increase in strength in my arms immediately and began to have more energy.  I then noticed my legs getting stronger and the pain lessening in my back and leg.  The Arthrostim treatments are somewhat relaxing, you can feel it but it doesn’t hurt.  They don’t take long and I can say I was very comfortable during the treatments.  I could see improvement with each treatment.  The progress was gradual with noticeable decrease in my symptoms.  I am very pleased with the process and my progress, Dr. Brouse and his staff are so nice and really caring.

Sheila Calhoun, Everett

I had severe neck spasms and neck pain.  The neck pain is gone and the treatments are relaxing.

David Frazier, Duncansville

I had neck pain and stiffness and now I am more relaxed and less tense.  The treatments are relaxing and feel good.

Stephen Fouse, James Creek

I had headaches and neck pain.  My headaches are minimal and the treatments are pain-free and gentle.

Samantha Adams, Duncansville

I fell down the steps and injured my tailbone and lower back.   The Arthrostim treatments have helped in my healing process, my neck and back feel much more relaxed and I feel looser in a good way.  The treatments are an odd feeling, the sensation is different from anything I’ve experienced before, there was no pain and it felt relaxing.  The best thing I like about the treatments is it does not cause anymore pain, treatments are quick and produce fast results.

Deb LaValla, Hollidaysburg

I had lower back and neck pain as well as shoulder and wrist pain.  My back and neck pain have been reduced greatly and it is much easier to bend and twist.  For the most part the treatment is relaxing, occasionally it stings on my lower back but most the time I feel like falling asleep.

Victor, LaValle, Hollidaysburg

I had back pain and pain when walking.  I had a lot of benefit from the Arthrostim treatments relieving the pain and it feels good.

Carole Kruis, Coalport

I had extreme lower back pain.  Received relief of that pain with the Arthrostim treatments.  The treatments are pain free and I love that it relieves my pain.

Larry Moore, Martinsburg

I had right leg pain, thoracic pain and neck pain.  The leg pain has ceased, my flexibility increased, decreased muscle spasms in my neck and thoracic area.  The treatments are AMAZING, pain-free, relaxing, like getting a massage of your spine.  The best thing I like about the treatments is there is no cracking. Previously I was seen by a different chiropractor who adjusted too quickly and I experienced tremendous pain and a migraine for 12 days causing me to be hospitalized.  My faith in chiropractic has been restored with Dr. Tom.

Shelly Scavone, Hollidaysburg 

I had severe pain and pressure in the back of my head and neck radiating down into my shoulders.  The pain and pressure lessened and I now have more range of motion in my neck.  The treatments are very gentle and relaxing.  My favorite thing about the Arthrostim treatments is the the relief I feel and that the treatments are gentle.

Shannon Feathers, Claysburg

I had shortness or breath, pain in my right shoulder, and lower back pain.   I noticed I am not as short of breath now, I have more motion and now I can throw a ball.  The Arthostim treatments are relaxing and pain free and I like the end results.

Richard Chamberlain, Duncansville

I had lower back pain and neck pain.  I had a lot of relief with the treatments and the treatments feel gentle and relaxing.  The best thing I like about the Arthrostim treatments is they feel good.

Art Chamberlain, Duncansville

I had pain in my neck and back.  The Arthrostim treatments have helped overall with the pain and are gentle.  The best thing I like about the treatments is it feels good and and isn’t strenuous.

Paige Fouse, James Creek